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NJ Crawlspace Encapsulation


The key to a healthy, safe, efficient home is starts here.

New Jersey's trusted specialists for Crawlspace Encapsulation, Mold Remediation and Prevention, Air Quality Improvement, & Energy Efficiency Enhancement.



Managing moisture levels within the crawlspace is vital to achieving a healthy, clean, safe, and efficient environment.



By properly conditioning the crawlspace and by eliminating problems such as mold, allergens, and other contaminants, the overall indoor air quality within the home will greatly improve, making it a healthier home.



Creating optimal conditions and reducing unfavorable ones is essential for strongly enhancing whole home energy efficiency and comfort - allowing systems to operate efficiently helping to save money and keep the home more comfortable year round.



Providing improved conditions helps to preserve the structure and prevent major problems and damage moving forward, keeping the home as safe as possible.

We service all of New Jersey, fixing crawlspace problems across the state.

Locally Owned & Operated - NJHIC License # 13VH09771300

The Solution to Moisture Problems & Creating Improved Home Conditions

Our crawlspace conditioning services help to create safer and healthier living conditions, better energy efficiency, and help preserve the structure to protect it from severe damage.

Crawlspaces are usually the out of sight-out of mind, forgotten, or ignored parts of the house because to most people it's the dark, dingy, cramped, smelly, dirty, critter infested place under the floor that gives everyone the heebie jeebies, and in most cases it's true....but it doesn't have to be, and it shouldn't. The fact of the matter is that attention and proper care of the crawlspace is extremely important in preventing mold, moisture problems, increased utility bills, decreased comfort and air quality, and more, which is why we've specifically dedicated ourselves to providing tried and true proven and effective solutions for creating clean and healthy crawlspaces that will have a positive impact on the whole home for the long run.

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